Beam Me Up… Jakey!

The all-around, standard Amish carriage appears to have changed very little in the last 100 years.  But, if you get up close and really look at a contemporary Amish carriage, you’ll see that innovation is woven into every aspect of the vehicle.  From a distance, sure the colors are the same.  The shape is the same.  But functional aspects of carriages have been nothing short of revolutionary in recent years. 

Lighting options abound, with LED lights being popular (and practical.)  Air bag suspensions offer a far softer ride than old leaf springs.  New brake technology makes the carriages safer, and the brakes last longer.  And, just when I thought I’d seen it all, a new invention that the discerning Amish driver just has to consider…

Powerlift Buggy Steps.  It is a buggy step that is attached to an actuator that travels up and down.  Thus, older, or mobility-impaired riders can be aided up into the buggy.  The actuator draws off the battery, which is already a common feature on carriages (lights, speedometer, etc.)