Koziar’s Open and Celebrating 76th Season

Many of you have been asking, and we are pleased to tell you that YES, Koziar’s Christmas Village is opening in 2023! Opening night is the first Saturday in November, as has always been their longstanding tradition at the Koziar’s Christmas Village.

They can’t wait to show you all of what Santa and his helpers have been up to. The FUN begins Saturday night, November 4th.

Owned and operated by the Koziar’s family since 1948 at the family farm in Bernville, PA, the holiday season is always the highlight of their year. The family celebration has grown to become one of Pennsylvania’s premier holiday attractions.

Santa Welcomes You!

For Koziar’s Christmas Village, they are looking forward to making new friends and reconnecting with many of their previous friends, some going back three and four generations. If you’ve never visited, we welcome you to join the Koziar’s family this holiday season and celebrate with them! 

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Also, with new attractions you can see this season, there are also the favorites from past years you can expect to see. Like the “Kissing Bridge” and the “Koziar Christmas Village Museum” that is dedicated to the memory of the original founders and their vision of and for the Koziar’s Christmas Village. 

True Story: Two years ago, there were a couple of school teachers, one kindergarten and the other 1st grade, that traveled from London, England, overnight, to Philadelphia, PA., specifically just to experience Koziar’s Christmas Village for themselves. Then flew back to England the next day! Needless to say, their students were all crying and envious that they couldn’t come with the school teachers on their trip. But the ownership of Christmas Village, when they found out, made sure they didn’t let those school teachers go home empty-handed. Those teachers received 60 postcards, one for each of their students, so they could have a memento from their teacher’s trip to cherish.

You can visit Koziar’s Christmas Village on their website at koziarschristmasvillage.com and also follow them on Facebook for updates and the latest news