Harrison Rose: The Quilt Design is Back in Style

Lantz Homestead Quilt Barn Features a Great Variety

Quilts – beautiful folk art today, a matter of thrift and pragmatism years ago.  When the Amish and Mennonites first arrived in America, the areas they settled were already home to English-speaking communities.  These fellow European settlers essentially introduced the Amish to quilting. 

Today, the Amish and quilting go hand in hand.  It is very much ingrained into their way of life, both traditionally, and in today’s sense as a commercial activity.  Many women use the winter months, when farm work is far less, to busy themselves at quilting.  Elaborate, hand-quilted pieces can take hundreds of hours of diligent work, but the payoff can be in the thousands, depending on the design. 

Many quilt patterns have come and gone, in and out of fashion over the decades.  One design that is surging back into the limelight is the Harrison Rose.  This repeating rose pattern first came into vogue in mid-1800’s Indiana.  The pattern is named after William Henry Harrison, the 9th President of the United States.  He was only in office a short time (he is said to have contracted pneumonia at his inaugural address) but prior to being President, he was Governor of Indiana, so his prominence in that region was already well-established.

Lantz Homestead Quilt Barn has about a half-dozen Harrison Rose quilts in stock and offers custom orders for customers who wish to pick out their own colors and designs.  Harrison Rose patterns come in various colors.  The examples at Lantz Homestead are all made in Lancaster and surrounding Counties by Amish women.  To see the quilts in person, visit Lantz Homestead at 870 Musser School Road, Gordonville, PA 17529.