Small Business – Veterinary & Boarding Locations

So, you find yourself going on a vacation or on an outing with your family that takes you out of your initial community. That’s exciting! This venture may also include a furry family member to go along on the ride. It is believed that approximately 40 percent of vacationing families bring their pets along for the adventure. It’s also believed that 85 percent are dog owners and 21 percent are cat owners, according to surveys taken by PetRelocation (2019/08/08) and the American Pet Products Association (2019/02/13) traveling with a pet. That’s up from approximately 19 percent over a decade ago.

In addition, it is believed that individual pet parents love to travel with their “fur-kids” or “fur-babies” even more so. Since February of 2021, that number jumps to approximately 78 percent of Americans that have pets travel with them each year. 

When traveling we look to go over our vacation or travel list. To ensure we’re ready and prepared for the upcoming expectations of our travel. Suitcases packed, RVs loaded, sunscreen, toothbrush, mad-money, and so on are just some of the things that we put on that list to prepare for a positive vacation result. But what about our pets? Have we really prepared for every contingency, so that they have an enjoyable and safe outing? 

Does the Hotel, Motel, or Campground you plan to visit allow for pets, are pet friendly, and are safe for them? What are the ordinances of the localities and/ or communities you are planning to visit with them? Did you pack up the necessities needed for your pet? List of medications or dietary needs? If not or should you run out, where is the nearest place to resupply, in the area(s) you plan to visit? Finally, one of the biggest questions that should be asked and addressed before you venture out with your pet is “Where is the nearest Vet/Pet Hospital in the area? Do they have pet boarding available? What insurances and forms of payment do they take? What are their hours of operation? Do they have or who is the backup contact in case of the after-hours emergencies that may pop up? 

When traveling, it’s usually easy to find a hospital, urgent care, or pharmacy to meet your personal or your family’s medical needs. But you can’t always just dial-up “911” for your pet. Yes, you can google most information, but if you find yourself in an area with spotty or no service, especially with an evolving emergency situation where either minute to even seconds can mean a big difference and are critical to your pet’s wellbeing and getting back home with your family safely.

Here at “Amish Country News”, we have “fur-babies” too. In most publications that I see out there, very few tend to discuss the “vacationing pet” subject. So, I wanted to put a bit more of a spotlight on the subject and those small businesses in “Amish Country” that address this specific subject and important need, so everyone has a successful and positive experience, as you visit Lancaster County and the counties that surround it. Here are what I feel some “common-sense” preparation points to consider when planning for your pet to accompany the family vacation, as referenced from the following online site Below are a handful of bullet points to reference:

YOUR PET Homework in Advance Checklist

  • Is your pet up for the trip?      
  • Book in advance and confirm
  • Get a (space-age) pet ID 
  • Get an approved pet carrier 
  • Acclimatize your pet to the carrier
  • Bring medical records 
  • Get the right gear 
  • Stay on schedule 
  • Avoid adventurous eating 
  • Mark your territory 

Below is a list of just a few of the Veterinary pet care & boarding locations located in “Amish Country”, depending on where you are.

  • Warwick Run Animal Clinic
    788 Rothsville Rd., Lititz, PA
    (717) 627-3411
  • Landisville Animal Hospital
    3035 Harrisburg Pike, Landisville, PA 17538
    (717) 898-1721
  • New Holland Veterinary Hospital
    700 E. Main Street, New Holland, PA 17557
    (717) 354-3130
  • Neffsville Veterinary Clinic
    2555 Lititz Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601
    (717) 569-5381
  • VCA Smoketown Animal Hospital
    2497 Old Philadelphia Pike
    Lancaster, PA 17062
    (717) 394-5542
  • VCA Bridgeport Animal Hospital
    1251 Ranck Mill Rd., Lancaster, PA 17602
    (717) 393-9074
  • Bernville Veterinary Clinic
    7135 Bernville Rd., Bernville, PA 19506
    (610) 200-6219
  • Blue Pearl Pet Hospital (24/7 Emergency)
    400 W. Lancaster Ave.
    Shillington, PA 19607
    (610) 775-7535
  • Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital
    105 N. Third Street, Womelsdorf, PA 19567
    (610) 589-5019
  • VCA Sinking Spring Animal Hospital
    21 Green Valley Road
    Sinking Spring, PA 19608
    (610) 670-5757
  • Animal Hospital of Dauphin County
    241 S. Hershey Rd. Harrisburg, PA 17112
    (717) 775-7554
  • Hershire Animal Hospital
    406 Middletown Rd.,
    Hummelstown, PA 17036
    (717) 566-3703
  • Animal Health Care Center of Hershey
    948 E. Chocolate Ave.,
    Hershey, PA 17033
    (717) 533-6745
  • Community Animal Hospital
    400 S. Pine St., York, PA 17403
    (717) 845-5669
  • Leader Heights Animal Hospital
    199 Leader Heights Rd., York, PA 17402
    (717) 741-4618
  • Yorkshire Animal Hospital
    3434 E. Market Street, York, PA 17402
    (717) 755-4935