Small Business & Coffee in Amish Country

Coffee is a little bean that is big business to small business, most places within the United States including Lancaster Pennsylvania, and the counties that surround it, all have a long coffee history. Coffee was invented way back in 750 AD, by accident, by Kaldi, who was believed to have lived in the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia in East Africa. The origin story of coffee in America is believed to have been introduced by Captain John Smith, the founder of the Colony of Virginia when he shared it with other Jamestown settlers in 1607 after learning about it in his travels to Turkey. Surprisingly, coffee’s popularity did not take off right away. It is also believed that the English may have also introduced the coffee drink into the New York colony between 1664 and 1673. The earliest reference to coffee in America is 1668, at which time a beverage made from roasted beans, and flavored with sugar or honey, and cinnamon was being consumed in New York.

Since those times of introduction and experiment of then what was coffee, to the now of what we currently know and consume in 2021. What is known as the little giant of at least 100 different types of coffee bean species that have been selectively bred and refined for hundreds of years to end up as your particular craving in your cup, and not necessarily just in the morning. The kinds of coffee are technically divided into three, according to where they came from, and the variety of the beans used to make the brew. The basic kinds of coffee are one-origin, one-estate, and blends. Coffee is made up, primarily, of two different types of beans, Arabica, or Robusta. The basic type of coffee includes Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Espresso, Macchiato, Flat White, Mocha, Vienna, Long Black Coffee, Affogato, Irish Coffee, and Iced Coffee. Just to name a few.

So, how many coffee shops are there in Pennsylvania, let alone Central Pennsylvania? It’s hard to say on a month-to-month basis. The numbers are always changing and I’m sure they’re an eye opener that may keep you up at night. Between Diners, Bakery’s, National Chains, and Specialty “Coffee Specific” Coffee shops, Mom & Pop or otherwise, coffee is definitely well represented in many different locations throughout Central Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. But all that being said, it comes down to where you prefer to frequent in your local area. So, here are just a few, small business locations, that I have come across in my travels through “Amish Country” that may entice you in your travels and become your cup of tea… er… coffee. Maybe try and take a tasty sip, should you wish to test one, if not all of them out. 

List of Local Coffee Establishments in Amish Country

Beilers Doughnuts

398 Harrisburg Ave, Lancaster, PA.

Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop

542 Gibbons Road, Bird-in-Hand, PA

City Watch Coffee LLC

1501 E Cumberland St Suite 5

Lebanon, PA.

Coffee Co.

504 E Main St., New Holland, PA

Copper Cup Coffee

1 W Main St, Mt Joy, PA 

Dosie Dough

45 S. Broad St., Lititz, PA

La Mattina Cafe

38 Deborah Dr., Leola, PA 

Latte Luv

3741 Old Philadelphia Pike

Gordonville, PA 17529

Mean Cup

398 Harrisburg Ave., Lancaster, PA

Mill 72

45 N Main St., Manheim, PA

New Holland Coffee

832 W Main St., New Holland, PA 

Passenger Coffee

7 W King St., Lancaster, PA

Timber Creek Coffee LLC

494 W Lincoln Ave, Myerstown, PA

Twin Valley Coffee

1324 Main St., East Earl, PA

— Edward Blanchette