Publisher’s Message

A Step Back, to Move Forward – Deja View

Here we are, another earmark to recognize, our final issue of “Amish Country News” for this year, 2022, has arrived! Another year passed and what a year it has been! But as I sit here and take a moment to collect and reflect on my thoughts, while still catching my breath. I am always thankful to have participated in and completed another busy year at Amish Country News, let alone all that life had brought us this year. I am thankful and yes, even grateful. 

Not to get too deep into personal issues, but from everything going on in our world, at times, it can make you feel kind of overstimulated and overwhelmed. So, how does one find the bright side and positives, instead of being overtaken by all the negatives? That in itself can be a challenging question. 

I heard somewhere, once, or twice, that it’s not the objections that life throws at you, that define who you are. But how you handle those objections does.  Just trying to keep things simple. 

So, to break it down to more of a simpler viewpoint, “Sometimes, you have to pass back to move forward”. In a sense, breaking it down to the basics. So, what gets me through it all? My Faith, my Family, and all the communities we serve and engage in. Plus, the never-ending resolve to always forgive and not sweat all of the small stuff that life tends to throw our way. For isn’t that what the holidays, and yes even life itself are truly about? For without “Faith”, “Family”, and “Community”, we would all just probably burn out and fizzle into the nothingness of oblivion. Right?!

So, as you deal with the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, and even life itself, and you feel yourself becoming a bit overwhelmed, remember to stop and take a deep breath. Find forgiveness in your heart and with others. And be thankful that we get to share all of this with the people and beliefs we hold dearest. This is the wonderful gift that we call life. I’m so glad we can share this journey together. I wish you nothing but the best over the Holidays for you and your family! Be safe, be well, and stay positive. Until the next issue, may God bless you all. 

— Edward Blanchette