Publisher’s Message

A Wish for the Holidays — Serious, But Not Serious

At one point in time, which is very vast by the way, everyone has a wish or a resolution that they would like to have happen, come to pass, or materialize. As children, the wisp and wonder of the holidays make those feelings of want, emotion, and desire even that much more intense. Whether it was that special toy or treat. Then, as we got older, thoughts of getting thinner, being more toned, hitting the lottery, and yes even world peace comes to mind. 

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with any of those choices at all. And I’m sure, as you read through this, you’ll certainly think of a few more to add to the proverbial “Wish List”.  But where would wishes or resolutions originate from? Is it wonton faith, desire, or necessity? Personally, I believe it’s all three. The necessity to fill the need of the moment. The desire to change what, at the moment, cannot be changed. And finally, the faith to believe that in our heart of hearts, because we think it, it may actually happen.

Seriously, wishes do happen, and at times come true. Whatever man can think up, eventually, usually, comes to pass. But also as seriously, not at all in an instant, ever. A lot of times wishes and resolutions take a long time to come to fruition. When we apply ourselves with that desire, apply our faith, to meet that desired necessity. Especially when we do and give to others. So, for now… I wish all of your wishes and resolutions come true, for this year and the years to follow. That your desire to help others is stronger than your neighbor’s. And that your faith brings you closer to enlightenment and strengthens your family, your friends, and yes… even a stranger. And maybe… just maybe… we’ll find world peace.  From all of us at Amish Country News. Stay well, Stay safe, and stay positive.  

—Ed Blanchette