Publisher’s Message

June 2022 – Recreating Bridges of Communication  

The Community Message Builder Traversing the Gap!

Technology. It’s certainly exploded over the last couple of decades, that’s for sure! When i was a youngster, many moons ago, the ideal way to communicate was by person-to-person or written letter. Telephone, radio, and television were also prime vehicles to bring about people’s attention to any given subject of the given time. But mostly the written word, or print as one might say, was the way to go to get the community’s attention or your own messages out there to the individual and/ or public. We actually talked with and engaged with each other with a bit more empathy and attention. And it was a tangible experience because it was always available and right in your hand. The family recipe, newspaper, postcards and holiday cards, magazines, and so on, were the standard go-to of the time. 

Now, with the internet, websites, texting, social media and webinars, virtual meetings, and apps that we have available to us today, at times, may seem to be much more complicated, overwhelming, and yes even a bit isolating. As we get bombarded with all things technology-driven, sometimes we forget about some of the good things the older ways of communicating had to offer. In working with multiple communities and the people and businesses, these are the things that make those communities special. Throughout my years in business and as a mentor, occasionally I hear the phrase, “print is dead.” But is it? I would tend to disagree.  I think, with all things in moderation, that there is still a place for the older ways of communicating still holding precedence. Especially when coupled with today’s current technologies, which are still and always changing, giving an even better clarity, enhancement, and wisdom for the changing times we are currently in. Basically, finding a way in communicating more effectively. 

If we don’t adapt to change, we essentially expire at the moment. But at the same time, while adapting, we shouldn’t forget the wisdom and empathy we learned along the way. This in turn makes our communities and ourselves that much stronger. Wouldn’t you agree?  Just like any other publication, we must learn to adapt and grow with the times. Technology now also plays a pivotal role, along with the printed publication here at Amish Country News. We are excited to announce our new website, We hope that your experience in utilizing both the printed magazine along with this fresh addition of a website, will make you as excited to use, as it is exciting for us to create for you.

Have a positive day! Enjoy! 

—Edward Blanchette