Zooks Homemade Chicken Pies

Dutch Town & Country Market

By Clinton Martin

Amish Country is known as a destination for many reasons, clip-clopping buggies, handmade craftsmanship, fresh from-the-land foods… Ah the food! Lancaster County is known nationwide for delicious, freshly picked, wholesome edibles. Who can resist scratch-made, down-home classics cooked with love like grandma used to make? If you are reading this having already arrived in Amish Country, or you’re on your way here, you’ve picked a wonderful time to experience the area. October is harvest season, with the bounty of the season now mature and ready to pick. 

For many visitors to Lancaster County, the trip is about tasting these tempting dishes, but where to go to get a real taste of Amish Country? Head down just about any back road and you are bound to find a road-side stand selling what’s in season. But, for a growing number of ardent fans, the best way to taste the bounty of the PA Dutch region is to tuck into an expertly filled, carefully baked Zook’s Homemade Chicken Pie.

Take your Zook’s Pies camping or wherever you are on the go.

Zook’s specializes in homemade chicken pies, hence the name. But, what started out as solely a Chicken Pie bakery has now expanded into sausage pies, beef pies, and even a savory vegetable pie. The bakery also has a line of scrumptious apple dumplings, and various jams, jellies, pickles, noodles, and preserves are available at their newer location with a completely renovated retail section in the new bakery storefront. There’s a ton of parking now too!

Zook’s is not a restaurant, but rather a bakery that mixes masterfully the pies into a fresh or frozen preparation, ready for you to take home, to the campsite, RV, or hotel where you finish them off for a dinner you’ll not soon forget. If you are concerned about getting your frozen pies home, Zook’s has you covered. They have insulated travel bags with cool packs available for a modest sum that you can stuff your purchases in to keep them properly till you get home. 

Zook’s not only makes Chicken, Beef, and Sausage pies but delicious mouth-watering Apple Dumplings too!

For the most authentic experience, go directly to the bakery, but if you can’t get there, Zook’s Homemade Chicken Pies are sold at a number of area farmers’ markets, independent grocery stores, and unique retailers. Find out where you can get a Zook’s pie by calling the bakery at 717.768.0239. You’ll have to leave a message, but you can expect a callback. Or visit the bakery in person by pointing your GPS to 3427 Lincoln Highway East, Paradise, PA 17562.

Zook’s Homemade Chicken Pies is open daily except for Sunday. No matter how you get your hands on a Zook’s Homemade Chicken Pie rest assured this is not your run-of-the-mill, frozen-food section, mass-produced pie at the local big-box grocery chain. These pies are absolutely delicious and will redefine the pot-pie genre for your palate. Bon Appetite!