Nature’s Rite

For more than a decade, Nature’s Rite has been making natural products that address many common health needs. From respiratory infections to back & neck pain, eczema to food poisoning these products have come to the rescue in cases where commercial western medicine simply fails. These well designed holistic, all–natural solutions address problems completely and are based on science as well as North–American herbology.

The Nature’s Rite philosophy is to design products that offer a well–rounded and complete solution. They: 1) Relieve the symptoms, 2) Fix the problem and 3) Help the body to heal. This holistic approach is more sophisticated than typical single–herb preparations. Yet, the customer need not be an herbal expert to apply them. Each product is directed towards a particular malady and contains all of the ingredients necessary to accomplish this 3–point holistic solution. If you are having digestive problems… we have a Digestive Rehabilitation Kit. If you have sinus problems, we have Sinus Kits to choose from. If you have Sleep Apnea or Restless legs…  Each product is a complete solution for each problem.

All of our remedies are made in an FDA audited GMP facility right here in Sarasota Florida. We take great pride in making the best products for you and we are constantly testing them to ensure quality and effectiveness. If you are a scientific type, just contact us and ask for some of our testing reports. If you like to read about the formulations to understand why we selected the ingredients, we offer a book called HealthCare ToolKit that explains everything that you need to maintain the health of your family naturally.

Of course, all of our products are backed by our un–conditional money–back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product for any reason, we will refund the cost upon return. Our return rate is very, very low. In fact, we think that once you try one of our products, you will want to try them all. And you can. We have some heavily discounted assortment boxes to meet the most common health–tool needs and save you money!

Steven Frank designed these products to use on his family and friends. He is very happy to share them with you and your family. From the Nature’s Rite family to yours, we wish to help you stay healthy naturally; the way God intended.