Dutch Haven is Back!

Dutch Haven, the place that made Shoo-fly Pie famous, closed in 2023, bringing to an end a grand history of one of the area’s first tourist attractions. The incredible outcry of visitors online, via social media, on television interviews, and radio spots only served to lend credibility to Dutch Haven’s claim to have America’s best shoo-fly pie.  

This closure was happily only a temporary one, as in 2024 the gift shop, bakery, and iconic roadside destination, is back open again to welcome visitors. As in the past, people who visit are invited to taste shoo-fly pie for free. To many, it is a bucket list item – try some of PA Dutch Country’s famous dessert while you are here. If you like it, you can buy some to take home or send as a gift. If you don’t, at least you can say you gave it a whipped-cream topped whirl.