Shop Around to Turn Around Someone’s Life at Freedom Thrift

Revelations of Freedom is a ministry helping men ensnared in addiction and other strongholds to overcome these burdens and discover newfound freedom in Christ, to throw off the yoke of destructive behaviors. The program is funded from various sources, but one of the most successful is a thrift store collection.

Two Freedom Thrift locations in Lancaster County offer locals and visitors alike the opportunity to shop for quality items and enjoy the pursuit of the thrift in professional, well-lit stores along the most traveled routes.

Freedom Thrift New Holland is located at 114 Ranck Church Road. The store can be reached at 717-356-0831.

Freedom Thrift Route 30 is located at 2853 Lincoln Highway East. The store can be reached at 717-686-9387.

Shopping at either location puts funds in the coffers of Revelations of Freedom, which enables the organization to equip, encourage, and support men on their road to recovery.

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