Pretzel-Lovers Rejoice: Fest Returns to Lititz in 2024

Pretzels are old.  The exact origins are debated, though undeniably even America’s oldest Pretzel Bakery (1861, Lititz PA) came along somewhat recently in the snack’s story… approximately 1200 years after the baked treat had been invented.  Still, the town of Lititz, in Lancaster County’s northern environ will forever have its history linked to the humble, yet delectable pretzel. 

Julius Sturgis founded his pretzel bakery in Lititz, around the beginning of the Civil War.  Today, visitors can still go to the Julius Sturgis pretzel bakery to try, buy, and twist pretzels.  But, the rest of the town also gets in on the pretzel action in various ways. 

On May 4, 2024 the whole town will celebrate their beloved pretzels at the annual Lititz Pretzel Fest.  This one-day event is held at the Lititz Springs Park, which is a community hub for the town.  A volunteer board of 25 members of the local Kiwanis Club organizes the event and uses it to raise funds for the various charity aims of the club.  Last year, the event raised over $100,000 which the club was able to donate to various charities in the community.  Tickets to the 2024 event cost $35 and can be purchased at  If you prefer the off-line approach to gathering info, call (717) 560-2295.

Expect at least 20 vendors, offering delicious pretzel-based treats (both savory and sweet) alongside adult beverage tastings.  Live music will be staged at the park’s well-suited amphitheater.  And, parking is free.  The event takes place rain or shine.