Photo Contest Winners Announced

For several years, our publication has held a competition focused on photos taken in what we broadly call “Amish Country.” Both visitors and locals have sent us many great pictures.  

Our contest started back in the days before cellphones and digital. Originally, we received actual photographs in the mail. How things have changed! Now it is quite easy for anyone to take a photo on the spur of the moment when they see something interesting.

Still, not everyone has an “eye” for a good picture – composition, color, subject matter, contrast, etc. Now, I look daily at my inbox to see what pictures may have come in as entries in our Annual Photo Contest. Each time I click open a photo, I am a bit excited, because I never know what I may see. Sometimes I actually gasp with delight or give a soft-spoken “Wow” under my breath. This year was no exception. We are pleased to present our winners from 2023…


Grand Prize Winner – Ray Smecker Narvon, PA

“Fall in Lancaster County Poole Forge Park” – “Out shooting pictures for our new book. There is a beautiful Fall scene around every Historic Lancaster County Covered Bridge”.

Second Place Winner – Matthew & Tristan Herman – Columbia, PA

“Haybale Sunset” – “This is an entry for my 12-year-old son. This shot was taken on July 10, 2023, right down the road from our house in Manor Township. We saw the hay just got bailed that day and thought it would make a great sunset photo before they got hauled off the next day”.

Third Place Winner –  Ray Smecker – Narvon, PA

Winter Trout Covered Bridge” – “This pic sparks EARLY Christmas Shopping or WINTER Trout Fishing  at the Historic Poole Forge Covered Bridge…


Honorable Mention:

Lori Langsner – Princeton Junction, NJ

First Rainbow Tree” –  “As a child, I had wonderful memories of my family vacationing there almost 60 years ago!  The weather was sunny and warm, storm clouds approached, and then violent rain. However, despite the weather we were able to enjoy the views and capture some wonderful new memories to cherish”.  

Dennis Crowne – Narvon, PA

Amish Trike Girl” – “An Amish Girl stopped at this spot to survey the road ahead after doing some shopping and I thought this would make a grand picture to capture in ‘Amish Country’ Pennsylvania”.

Again, our congratulations to everyone. We encourage you to enter your photos for our 2024 contest. Thanks to all who have participated in the past and, yes, you may win more than once!